Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reasons for needing window tint, even in the winter

Although there are many people who don’t mind the heat and get their cars tinted strictly for looks, the majority of us just despise that scorching heat or blinding sun that never fails to make those stop-and-go drives to work that much more exasperating, even in the winter. But there are actually even more reasons why tinting windows is a great thing to invest in. Today’s window films are very effective in reducing heat, up to 60%, which really makes a difference on those scorching hot summer days. Unfortunately, heat is only something we have to deal with about 50% of the time. What about the other 50% of time when it is anywhere from a comfortable temperature to cold? Well, if the sun is out, there are still Ultra Violet rays being absorbed by your skin and this is not a good thing. Living in Colorado, we get over 300 days of sun a year, many of which are also in the winter. A lot of the sun’s heat is reduced in the winter because of the cold air, but the Ultra Violet rays that fade upholstery, cause sunburn and skin cancer are actually amplified 85-90% when there is snow on the ground because the rays reflect off of the snow and back at you (SSA). Ultra Violet rays don’t only cause short term problems like sunburn but is also the main cause of premature visible skin aging such as wrinkles and age spots (IWFA), which is enough of a reason for many to want to avoid these dangerous rays and get window tint applied to their vehicles. UV exposure is also worse the higher in altitude you are. That being said, here in Colorado we are more likely to suffer from premature visible aging, sunburned or even worse, skin cancer which has also been linked to melanoma, compared to other states.
0200Another one of the many reasons one would consider window tinting is to reduce energy costs. Yes, its true, applying tint to windows can actually reduce energy costs up to 50% (Gila) which is a lot of money over time. When there is heat hitting your window from outside, the heat travels through the glass and transfers to the air and other objects that may be in contact with the window. This is called the heat conduction process. If tint is applied to the glass, it’s critically designed qualities allow it to reject a significant amount of UV rays, much more then glass alone (IWFA). Because of the material used to create the film it is able to reflect more light than the glass would have been able to otherwise, reducing glare, brightness, and even more heat. Because conduction is not happening as rapidly with the window tint applied, the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to cool down the air that is getting heated by the window through the conduction process. This also works the other way around during the winter by keeping cold outside air from conducting thought the window to the warm air inside.
0109One of the least known uses for tint is to prevent breakage and provide safety if the glass is ever broken. Annealed (untreated regular) glass is not very strong and when broken can be very dangerous and even fatal due to the irregular shaped, sharp shards that it creates when it breaks. Applying tint to a window adds additional strength and keeps shattered glass intact if broken, preventing large shards from flying through the air causing injury. Even with treated or tempered glass which breaks into small squares, tint would be beneficial because it not only adds thickness to the glass making it stronger, it also acts as a protective layer preventing it from scratching and chipping over time which are all things that could happen regardless if it is summer or winter. These are just a few reasons why it is still beneficial to get tint applied in the winter.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Securing Your Glass

Security film or shatter resistant film has gained more notoriety over the past few years due to it’s various uses.  Shatter resistant film, sometimes called glass fragment retention film is an optically clear, multilayer, polyester film that bonds to the inside of the window to reinforce the glass and help hold it in place upon impact. Stores, home and even schools are seeing an increase in break-ins and violent acts making security film another precaution to consider. To read more about our security film in schools, CLICK HERE.  Another use of security film, one that is often overlooked, is it’s application to annealed glass. 

Safety/security film applied to annealed glass can meet safety glazing standards that are in place. In the early 1970’s, the U.S. Government initiated legislative action to establish commercial building codes, requiring the installation of tempered glass in glazing systems exposed to high injury risk; such as doors of all types, glass partitions, etc. Not too long after, similar codes would be extended to residential buildings and glazing systems.  The reason for the change in legislation was due to the way the glass broke.  Annealed glass is cooled slowly, producing a strong glass but not as strong as tempered glass.  When annealed glass breaks, it breaks into various sizes that can be harmful to a person.  Tempered glass is cooled quickly during the manufacturing process and when broken, it shatters into small pieces, making it safer should impact occur.

If an annealed glass pane needs to be changed to a tempered pane, the cost to replace it would be over $600 dollars.  Applying security film to annealed glass would cost half the amount of complete replacement. When safety/security film is applied to annealed glass, it will meet the safety glazing standards that are in place.  Saving money by not replacing the glass is not the only benefit of applying security film to your windows.  Security and safety film offers solar and UV protection as well as glare reduction. The advantages to this film outweigh the stress of a complete glass replacement and is a great substitute to meet safety glazing standards.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Choosing Only the Best!!

      All American Window Tinting, Inc., is a window tinting business created from a humble beginning and developed into the best window tinting company in Denver, CO. Established over 20 years ago, this family owned and operated business has only progressed forward using the knowledge gained from the latest techniques and technology. Even through our growth and betterment, the foundation of this company is still rooted in providing the best experience for our customers while meeting their window tinting needs for their car, home and/or office.
      We, as a company and team, take pride in our work. From the first call in the office to the installation in your home or office, we want to make your window tinting experience as easy as possible. Taken from a previous customer, their review shows our continuous effort to be the best in our profession; “Couldn’t be happier with my tinted windows! The experience was great from the beginning to end…They put on shoe covers before entering my home. That impressed me! The process was explained in detail and all of my questions were answered. The day of the process was really impressive!…They respected my home and possessions. These guys are great. The finished product is lovely. Where I had glare and intense sunlight, I now have a preserved view that is restful! It’s like putting on high quality sunglasses. What an improvement…Thank you so much.”
      At All American Window Tinting (A.A.W.T.) we are very transparent about everything we do and will work with potential customers to ensure that they receive the best products for them. We carry products that we believe in and would put on our own cars, homes or office windows, AND we have! We do believe that it is important to be informed about what is going on your windows and what company you decide to choose. For that reason, we provide free estimates for all projects and guarantee competitive pricing. In order to maintain our expert craftsmanship, our professionals have received Master Accreditation through of the International Window Film Association. Only the industries best dealers and installers are those that are well informed and well versed in both theory and application of window film products.
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Preserving Our History

The culture, artifacts, and stories of our past are our link to the history of our nation.  Historic buildings can be the most recognizable structure of a city, creating a connection with the city and it’s citizens, both past and present.

In 1966, Congress founded the National Historic Preservation Act which is intended to preserve historical and archeological sites in the United States of America.  While the purpose behind preserving efforts was initially used for drive patriotism and turn structures into museums in order the generate tourism, the focus soon changed.  In today’s society, the motivation for preservation is generally broken down into three categories:
1. to retain elements of the past
2. to commemorate the distinctive identities of places
3. practice a conservation approach to environmental change

While there are stipulations to changing the appearance of a historic building, applying window film to the windows of historic buildings promotes a green approach to retain elements of the past.  With advancements in technology, high performance window films were created within the last 20 years, enabling high heat rejection levels while keeping the visible light reflection anywhere from 8 to 12 percent.  These films do not alter the appearance of historic buildings because of their low visible reflectivity levels.  Glare is another factor that is reduced significantly; anywhere from 34 to 64 percent dependent on window film selection.  While rejecting 99- 99.9% of UV rays, window film aids in the deterrence of the fading of valuables.   When these buildings were created, insulation was minimal.  Approximately, 25% of a building’s heat loss escapes through the windows and window film can reduce the amount of heat that escapes.  During the hotter months, when solar energy enters the building, without film on the windows, hot spots are created in the home which increase the amount energy consumed due to cooling costs. By reducing the amount of heat entering the home, the consumption of energy is reduced. When window film is professionally installed, a building is saving up to 30% on cooling expenses. 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Going Green in Your Home

Going green is the new ‘thing.’  What most people thought was a trend; going green has proven to make our lives and possessions more sustainable. This movement has turned into an effort of a life style change instead of trend.  We have seen these changes on both a small and large scale, and some green decisions are easier to make.  Applying window film to your home windows, is one of the best ways to ‘go green.’

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 1970, less than half of U.S. homes were air conditioned, but nearly 90 percent of homes use air conditioning today.  With this knowledge, it is estimated that 25 to 30 percent of the energy used in American buildings and homes is wasted due to inefficient windows.  According to the International Window Film Association (IWFA), today’s film give energy savings, a neutral carbon footprint, UV blocking and security benefits while letting visible light into the home. 

Window film allows natural light into the home while lowering the amount of heat and glare entering the home.  Another benefit of window film is that most films reject anywhere from 99 to 99.9% of harmful UV rays.  These same UV rays contribute to the fading of your most prized possessions, as well as wood flooring and furniture. When solar energy enters the home, without film on the windows, hot spots are created in the home which increase the amount energy consumed due to cooling costs.  By reducing the amount of heat entering the home, the consumption of energy is reduced.  The return of your investment in window film could take up to three years to see.  When window film is professionally installed, not only are you saving up to 30% on cooling expenses, window film can add to the re-sale value of your property.  If you are worried about window film altering the look of your home or view, read our previous blog. 

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Response to The Denver Post

     All American Window Tinting, Inc., of Denver, CO recently stumbled upon an article, regarding window tinting, that was published in The Denver Post. The writer, Marni Jameson, raised valid questions about window film and if consumers were being swindled into a “transparent” lie. We continued to read the article (click here to read article) and couldn’t agree more with Ms. Jameson’s questions and findings. Mr. Smith, of the International Window Film Association (IWFA), was the respondent to Ms. Jameson’s questions. It is true that in the past, in order to have a high heat rejection the film would have to be dark. However; through the advancement of technology, we are seeing light to neutral films carry the same or even higher heat rejection percentages than those darker films.
     All American Window Tinting, Inc., carries spectrally select films that are non-reflective, completely dye-free, have a neutral appearance and have the added feature of low reflectivity so that your view is not altered day or night! We are the only window tinting company in Denver, CO where Richard Marti, owner/President of All American Window Tinting, achieved Master Accreditation through the International Window Film Association (IWFA). The IWFA is an international association of window film manufacturers, distributors and installers dedicated to the improvement of products and services for the consumer.  As part of this dedication, the IWFA has developed a test designed to evaluate the knowledge and skill of the professional installer.  If you have been hesitant about installing window film to your home or business, call All American Window Tinting today at 303-936-1362 to schedule a FREE estimate!!  Our estimator will come to your home or business with a variety of samples to meet your needs.  You can also visit us online at www.allamericanwindowtinting.com to see some of the projects we have completed!

Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY Window Film Projects

     Window film for cars, homes and offices are available to the public for their own installation. Is it a good idea to install your own window film? Well, it can’t be that hard to install and it seems more affordable than having it installed by a professional, right? This article will explore why it is advantageous for a professional installer to apply window film to your project. We will first discuss window film application for your automobile and then explore the window film application for residences and office/commercial buildings.
     In our industry, we see window films sold in home improvement stores and there are businesses that apply film for a below market cost. It can seem easier to buy such films or use these companies but what exactly are you paying for? All the films we carry in our shop are LIFETIME WARRANTIED against bubbling, blistering, peeling or turning of purple. We stand behind our work and the products we carry. We also carry 3M Scotchgard clear bra to protect your car from harsh conditions on the road and this comes with a modest 5 year warranty. Tint removal is another aspect of services that we offer. It does seem simple to remove tint from a car but there are techniques to preserve rear window defrosters and ensure that the tint and glue are completely removed. 
       Our estimator will come to your residence or office to qualify the glass and recommend what film could and should be placed on your windows, free of cost. Living in Colorado, our weather is unpredictable and we live in high altitude. With this combination and depending on the type of glass installed in your home or residence and the direction of which way your windows face, determines what film works best for you. We carry various types of samples in order to find the perfect product for you.

     All American Window Tinting, Inc., has been serving the Denver metro area for over 20 years. We have never met a job that was too big or too small. Our installers are trained specialists with the latest products, tools and education. Richard Marti received his Master Accreditation through the International Window Film Association.  He is the only individual to attain Master Accreditation in the state of Colorado. He is also 1 of 16 worldwide with the title, out of the 348 members of the IWFA. Even though there are 16 professionals to hold Master Accreditation, Richard is only 1 of 5 dealers worldwide.  Give us a call today at 303-936-1362 for a free estimate or visit us online at www.allamericanwindowtinting.com!