Monday, September 24, 2012

Customize Any Space: Decorative Window Film

Frosted Privacy Film - Children's Hospital
     At All American Window Tinting, Inc., our expert craftsmen have been trained to apply any type of decorative film imaginable. Decorative window film has many purposes. The extra flare adds for more of an enhanced design, making for a much more personalized area while providing safety and privacy. Decorative window film also helps to block the unwanted light that causes glares on computer screens and televisions, but still allows for visible light to pass through, and with its scratch resistance surfaces, it holds up to everyday wear and tear. These films also possess an anti-shatter quality providing further protection in case of an accident or burglary. These films can also be easily removed or repositioned as needs or styles change. Expensive laminated panels and patterned or sand blasted glass are so much more expensive and will not prove to stand the test of time like decorative window films. 
Bamboo Pattern - Residential
Bathroom Privacy - Residential
         We apply only the finest decorative films in the market. SOLYX Decorative Window Film has been providing quality since 1979; we are lucky to be able to bring this fantastic product to you. All American Window Tinting, Inc., is proud to be an authorized dealer and installer of SOLYX Decorative Window Film. According to SOLYX, "the need for quality decorative glass enhancement privacy films has and is becoming more and more popular.... ", with this being said, we at All American Window Tinting, Inc., decided that it was most necessary to provide our customers with space enhancement, style, security and privacy at an affordable price with a product that meets and exceeds all of ones expectations. We provide these films in a vast array of patterns and design and apply them to fit the needs of your company or home. These window films still protect against UV rays, reducing heat and glare,  while still allowing for visible light transmission; this abolishes all need for blinds, drapes or curtains, creating a better look and reducing much maintenance. 
Custom White Frost Film - Conferen
Privacy Window Film
     Decorative window films are perfect for conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, private offices, partitions, residential setting, virtually anywhere that there may be a need for decorative privacy. Any plain, boring flat glass window can be turned into a work of art. Each decorative window film can be tailored to fit individual needs and requirements. For instance, opaque window films or white frost window films are the perfect answer for offices that have glass doors or glass sidelites or conference rooms that have glass walls; sometimes, a little privacy is needed, adding customized distraction bands can provide just that, all while supplying the great look you want!  Check out our website at for more information on decorative window film and be sure to review our extensive photo gallery to see even more of what we have to offer.
Decorative Window Film
Decorative Window Film
Privacy Film - Fitness Center

Monday, September 17, 2012

3M's Paint Protection Film: All American Window Tinting, Inc. installs the finest of clear bras!

        3M's Scotchgard Paint Protection Film is leader in design, functionality and durability; this clear bra is the latest in technology when it comes to your vehicle's protection. A clear bra or protective film is a clear urethane laminate and is designed to protect the appearance and value of your vehicle. We use 24", 30" and 60" rolls of film which allows us to digitally cut a clear bra for any type of vehicle, allowing our expert installers at All American Window Tinting, Inc, to apply the clear bra that is a perfect match to your vehicles size, shape and curves. We at All American cut our clear bras with the most precise tool available in the market; Graphtec Cutting Pro FC5100-75. This digital cutting machine uses a special software that knows all of the details of your vehicles body. Digitally cutting the clear bra before application not only provides for a perfect fit, but eliminates any need for cutting of the clear bra film on your vehicle, in turn, fully dismissing any possibility of scratch marks from razor cutting. The clear bra was created to protect your vehicle by preventing damage, that is why 3M gave us the tools to avoid and impede any harm to your vehicle. The 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film, is a replacement for the old, bulky, and unsightly leather bra that used to grace the fronts of many vehicles; its design has been created to withstand the harshness of the road, brutality of the weather, and everyday wear and tear while preserving your vehicles look . Not only is it virtually invisible, it can be applied to many areas of your vehicle so you get all over protection. Hood, bumpers, fenders, mirrors, door edges, handle cuffs, trunk ledges, and lights can now receive the adequate defense they deserve. 3M's clear bra will protect your vehicles paint from scratches, dings, dents, and corrosion that eat away at the beauty of your vehicle. With 3M's clear bra you can achieve the ultimate protection while still maintaining the look of your vehicle.

Monday, September 10, 2012

All American Window Tinting, Inc.: Set Above the Rest

Llumar Limo Window Film

      Here at All American Window Tinting, Inc. we strive to provide the highest quality of customer service, products, and craftsmanship. We specialize in commercial, residential, and automotive window filming and automotive clear bra applications. Our team of professionals will greet you with the greatest of respect and will gladly answer any and all questions that you may have with a smile. What sets us apart from all our competitors is that we will provide you with the ultimate care, honesty, and consideration when serving you.  Our customers are the heart of our business, we have established an environment where great service is provided, recognized and rewarded and poor service is challenged and rectified; feed back is extremely important to us so we strive to build our business around what matters. Nothing in life is perfect, but we go the extra mile to ensure that we come close; aiming to resolve any complaint efficiently, accurately, and in a timely manner. 

For example:
Best company for tint in town!
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
05/10/09 Posted by Farih
I took my Honda Accord in not too long ago for window tinting. Although the overall job was good, I had to take it back in to get several issues resolved with two windows. Richard promptly took care of me, no questions asked, and repaired what was needed to be repaired. I couldn't be happier with the job that was done!. A+++++ I have told all my friends and my stepdad will probably take his precious jaguar to All American to have the windows tinted. Thanks Richard for doing an awesome job. i wish your business continued success!
Pros: Excellent work & superior service
Cons: No cons whatsoever!


5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
02/01/2009 Posted by JWJACKSON
Richard Marti and his crew are simply outstanding when it comes to window tinting and surface protection. But they really shine when it comes to customer service! Every car, SUV or truck I have purchased in the past ten years I have had All American at 2155 W. Evans apply their magic to the windows and clear bras to the front surfaces. Richard is a straight shooter when it comes to keeping his promises and charging fair prices. I don't waste my time any more even shopping anywhere else. Thanks, Richard! J.W. Jackson

Response from this business

We appreciate your business and value you as our customer!
Posted on 02/02/2009
Mr. Jackson, I am delighted that all of us here at All American Window Tinting, Inc. are able to assist you with your window tinting and clear bra requirement. We aim for quality craftsmanship, certified products, and competitive pricing. Sounds like we hit another bulls eye. Thank you for the first-class review and your repeat business. Richard 

great customer service, quick, professional and competitive pricing
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
06/05/2008 Posted by dsanderso
Richard was super nice and did a great job on my tinting. At first I was skeptical of the shade but I went with his advice and it turned out awesome. They also got the job done pretty quickly (it took about an hour) and the prices were the best around. I would highly recommend them to anyone .
Pros: price & customer service
Cons: none

Response from this business

Thank you very much!
Posted on 06/06/2008
Everyone and myself here at All American appreciate the good review and your business. We strive to be the best in customer service, quality craftsmanship and price. Window tinting makes a great gift for family and friends eyes. We have gift certificates. Once again thank you for choosing All American Window Tinting, Inc. and look forward to serving you in the future. 
3M Color Stable 35 Window Film
      We, at All American Window Tinting, Inc. really listen to our customers, preventing problems that could otherwise occur; we want you to walk out of our shop with an even bigger smile than when you walked in. We take the time to listen to reviews, any feed back we get is good feed back. With great leadership, teamwork and drive, we prove to outfit the rest; customers take precedence!
      We select the finest, most dependable window films available in the market. Our products will surpass all others! For example, Llumar Window Films is the largest auto film manufacturer in the market, its high-performance window films will most surely provide an enhanced look, functionality, comfort, and most importantly energy efficiency of all window types whether it be commercial, residential, or automotive.

3M Residential Night Vision Window Film
With Llumar you can count on:
  • Color-stable film that never turns purple
  • Absolutely no unsightly bubbling or peeling
  • A wide selection of color tints and shade choices
  • Compatibility with factory tints
  • Durable scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Added privacy for you and your valuables
  • A noticeable decrease in glare, as much as 90% 
Custom Commercial Logo
       Llumar films come with lifetime warranties and are available in a variety of colors and shades too; darker film allows for less percentage of light to pass through. Llumar doesn't just stop at automotive films, we also carry Llumar Window Films assorted variety of residential and commercial films. Llumar One Way window film, provides that one-way mirror look; administering for even more security for your home or business. Llumar is quite diverse, they have created an additional six (6) security window films that you can choose from. Each with their own distinct look, you can make any space unique; from white frosted window film to mirror window film, our staff at All American Window Tinting, Inc can help you pinpoint what choice is right for you!  A 10-12 year warranty will give you the financial comfort you've been looking for.
3M Clear Bra Application
          3M is most recognizable in the plethora of products that they produce. 3M Premium Color Stable window films and 3M Crystalline Spectrally Select window films in particular are manufactured to possess a sustainable design in that they improve comfort, promote the protection of people and property and provides the consumer with energy savings; both of which are backed by a lifetime manufacture warranty!! 3M's Crystalline Spectrally Select use new advanced technology, reflecting 97% of infrared rays while still allowing for visible light transmission. This amazing product maintains the appearance of your vehicle, reduces reflectivity, and enhances your vehicles window views. These films are so great that they can actually cut out 50% of solar heat, keeping the interior of your vehicle much, much cooler. But 3M didn't stop there, the 3M Crystalline window films also block 99.9% of UV, skin cancer causing rays out of your vehicle and away from your family. This product is metallic free, causing absolutely no interference with satellite devices within your vehicle; everything about this window film will create a driving experience that is much more clear! We also provide 3M's Clear Bra product that braves the brutality of the road. It is designed to protect your vehicle from scratches, dings, dents, and even the deteriorating affects of bug guts. The clear bra can be applied to the hood, bumpers, mirrors, fenders, headlights, rocker panels, door cups, door edges, door handles, virtually any area you feel that your vehicle needs extra protection; each pattern is digitally cut to precisely fit the dimensions of your vehicle. The fantastic 3M Clear Bra comes with a 5 year warranty; proving its durability and strength. We carry residential and commercial window films by 3M in a variety of types, 3M Neutral Series, 3M Night Vision Series, 3M Silver Series and 3M Scotchtint Series. Most of 3M Residential window films are lifetime warranted; they will continue to protect your home while maintaining their clear view. Commercial window films are also a specialty of 3M; with a 12 year warranty your business will surely reap the financial benefits. Each series meets, provides and fulfills all expectations for any residential or commercial need you may have; check out our website for in depth information pertaining to each type of 3M commercial and residential films we have to offer.
Residential Huper Optik SECH Window Film
         We also carry and apply Huper Optik Smart Window Films, are the newest in the market of window films which promises to provide the aesthetics you are looking for all while giving durability and trusted reliability to withstand the test of time. Rejecting up to 70% solar energy (heat), 99.9% of UV rays, the main cause of interior fading, and blocking 98% of infrared rays, these films will prove to serve as a great protector. These window films will change the way your vehicle, home, or business feels while saving you from high energy costs! Huper Optik Smart Window Films are exactly that, smart. They offer films possessing a vast array of characteristics, each film designed with advanced technology to cater to the needs of the consumer. Any need you may have can and will be met by these smart films, whether your looking for high heat rejection, low reflectivity, glare and ultra-violet barrier, energy saving, protection against burglary and shattered glass, Huper Optik has covered all areas of concern and we at All American Window Tinting, Inc. can provide you with the relief that you need!
SOLYX Decorative Film
SOLYX Decorative Film
       If aesthetics are more of a concern for your home or business, then we have the thing for you. SOLYX Decorative Window Films and SOLYX Architectural Window Films will add that extra flare of classic or elegant design. SOLYX Decorative Window Films and SOLYX Architectural Window Films give any space an exclusive personality bestowing texture, color, and pattern, with a scratch free surface and anti-shatter properties, making each space their own. These window films can be tailored to fit your every desire, the possibilities are endless; visit our website at www. to see the infinite ways to personalize your home or office.
SOLYX Decorative Film
        The construction, materials and technology used in these select brand of films are by far the best in the market. We carry and apply only the finest of products and will accept nothing less. We stand by our word and so will you!
3M White Electro Cut Window Film

3M Clear Bra Application
We are the forerunner in the market of window tinting and clear bra applications in the State of Colorado. We employ only the greatest of craftsmen who give their all on every job; no challenge is too big. Patience, productivity, and artistic skill is the momentum behind our work. Each job is fit, cut, and adhered to meet the exact measurements and individuality of each job. We are speedy with our services, but don't rush to get the job done, we ensure that every job is given proper attention and quality craftsmanship that is due to each individual. Our crafter's have received the best education/training, have multiple years of experience and give advice with honesty and clarity. We pay infinite attention to detail in the execution of the fine art of window tinting; striving for perfection. Each job is meticulously rendered with precise attention and will not leave our show room without being fully inspected to safeguard the quality of work that we are so known for. If for any reason flaws are found in the future, we offer to fix any mistakes free of charge; adhering to our promise for customer satisfaction. All American Window Tinting, Inc. only employs the most accomplished; each installer has been given government security clearance for all high profile jobs and receive random quarterly observed drug testing to guarantee that no job is ever compromised.
       Please visit our website at or call 303-934-TINT(8468) for further information on the services we provide!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Commerical Window Tinting: Get the Most for Your Money

     Commercial window tinting is getting much more attention these days. Energy is becoming much more expensive. In order to cut back on interoffice energy costs, many businesses are looking into the world of commercial window films.  Commercial window films have many advantages cutting costs is just a bonus to all of the other benefits businesses can receive by installing window films. 
      For instance, window films are manufactured and designed to offer a reduction on solar heat, minimize air conditioning costs, save on lighting utilities and provide UV/IR protection all while controlling glare in work spaces and offering security, safety and decorative values that normal windows do not provide. 
       The actual glass of a window has built in compounds to fight energy loss and to ward off the solar heat that is actually entering the building, but this alone is not always effective. There are many factors that will determine exactly how well the internal building is protected from the rays of the sun. Internal lighting and even window seals play a major role when determining the effectiveness of a window. If a windows SC (Shading Coefficient), reduction of heat loss, is not up to par, then much of the internal heat of the building will be lost, ultimately resulting in an increase in energy costs. For example, any building 50,000 square feet and larger is most likely in cooling mode for 100% of the year, which means its AC is in actual full swing all year long to make up for all the heat that is absorbed through windows, internal lighting and equipment that may be running and omitting heat. This proves that simply replacing a window or all windows for that matter may not make a difference in any energy saving at all. So the next step to ensure that your business is protected and employees are provided with a safe and comfortable work environment, adding a window film to your buildings windows will prove to be more inexpensive then replacement of windows and will prove to be much more energy efficient then windows alone. 
       All American Window Tinting, Inc., is concerned for your businesses well fare, comfort, security and decor, all of which will be most beneficial to your company. We go into your business as Window System Professionals not as mediocre installers looking to sell tint. We will provide you with the best product, at the best price, with the best service that can be offered, we go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are satisfied. Our seasoned Window System Professionals will conduct an in-depth review of your building and tailor a plan that will fit your needs all while using the latest technologically advanced Glass-Chek PRO EDTM monitor to test your windows to determine the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient), is the power of a window or film to admit solar heat gain; the lower the SHGC rate, the easier the window can shield solar heat. Testing will also determine the SC (Shading Coefficient), knowing such information will help to pinpoint the amount of solar heat being blocked or transmitted too. Once the amount of heat loss, and heat absorbed is determined we will then choose the tint/film that is right for you; ensuring that all of your needs will be met for years and years to come, all while saving you thousands of dollars on replacement windows, that would otherwise prove to be more of a pocket breaker than an energy saver. 
     Window films can provide so much more than preventing heat loss and heat absorption. It will allow for added privacy to your business all while providing a decorative more appealing look that will enhance the aesthetics of your building. We provide and install more than just exterior window films, decorative films can create private spaces within your building; door, window and wall films encompassing a vast array of designs, textures, and colors can create a more personalized look to any building space. If looking good and feeling safe wasn't enough our high-performance films can protect interiors from fading, reduce glare on computer screens, and eliminate discomfort all around. The choices are limitless when choosing what type of window film is right for your business.
Call 303-934-TINT(8468) for more information on the services we offer!

Below are just some examples of our high-grade, high-performance window films:

Window Tinting: Not Just Part of the Automotive World

     For years people have been creating things to shield themselves from the sun's harmful rays and we aren't just talking about sunscreen, people have been quite innovative, crafting sun protectors such as bonnets, hats, sunglasses, UV protective clothing, umbrellas, and canopy's just to name a few. People have continued to invent anything to protect themselves and their possessions from solar radiation. Homes are one element of protection and comfort that secure our family, animals, and prized possessions, and most are unlikely to compromise the safety of the things that mean so much to them. 
     As in the past, present and future people will continue to innovate already established ideas to further enhance the quality and efficiency of protection products. That is where window films come into play. The roof, walls, and floor of your home are already there to protect you, your loved ones, and personal property from the elements of the world around us, but there is one element that your home was not built to repel. That element is the all powerful and unrelenting sun. The sun's harmful rays are still able to permeate the windows of your home not only destroying prized possessions within, but creating a nuisance in the home that is all far too avoidable. Have you tried to relax one afternoon to watch a football game only to be disturbed and annoyed by the sunshiny glare on your television? Well, you can watch that football game you waited all week for, or that T.V. show you saved on DVR all week without that ever so intruding ray of light. Residential window films have proven to be beneficial in more ways than one. For instance, window films were created with many things in mind, to cut energy costs, to protect those living within the home from harmful UV rays, protect possessions from the deteriorating effects of the sun's rays, to provide more privacy without loosing all of the natural light or obstructing ones view from the beautiful world around us. 
     There are a variety of window films to choose from to fit the needs of each individual. Visit our website at to further investigate the great creation of residential window films. Call 303-934-TINT(8468) for more information on the services we offer!

For even more information check out Huper Optik window film!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Car Window Tint in Denver

Did you know in Denver, Colorado we get between 245- 300 sunny days. Even on cloudy days UV rays can come through the clouds and cause damage to your vehicle interior as well as your skin. All American Window Tinting, Inc. carries lifetime warranty window films that block 99% of UV rays. We represent most major brands and have a wide variety of window films to meet individual needs and budget. We have window films that can reject up to 63% of the suns total solar energy. We carry light films, darks films, high performance films, you name it we carry it. If we don't have it, we can get it!
We are always upfront with our pricing . We don't price according to the way you look and how much money we think we can get out of you. do. Each vehicle has a level of difficulty. A back window on a VW Beetle is going to take more time than a back window on a Subaru Legacy. We have been in the busines for almost 20 years and we have tinted every type of car made. From a 1963 Studebaker Avanti (very rare car) to a 2013 Subaru Legacy (we like to call these the state car of Colorado!). If it has windows we can tint it!
Our installers have many years of experience tinting vehicles and come to us with experience. you can rest assured your car will be tinted by the best in the business We don't train our staff on your car. If you choose All American Window Tinting, Inc you will have a clean install done to perfection at a price that you feel comfortable with. Give us a call 303-934-TINT (8468) or contact us for your free quote. We look foward to serving your window film needs! Check out what others are saying about us online.