Tuesday, May 1, 2012

UV Damage to Your Flooring, Furniture and Draperies....

What is "UV" and why should I be concerned about it?

UV is short for ultraviolet, a wavelength of radiation that is a part of the sun's spectrum. UV radiation is invisible, yet it has a profound effect on us and on our homes. Overexposure to UV in humans can cause sunburn, skin cancer, cataracts and can even suppress the immune system with longer term overexposures. Just as we can use protective clothing and sunblock to defend ourselves against UV when we are exposed to sunlight, 3M Architectural Window Tinting Films can prevent transmission of UV into your home.

Visible Light and fading damage

The intensity of the visible portion of the spectrum is another major contributing factor to fading damage. In "English", this means that the bright sunlight that makes you reflexively squint (to protect your eyes) also causes damage to your interior. Again, it is necessary to use a protective film that is at least lightly tinted in order to provide adequate protection from damage. If someone ever claims to have a "clear" protective film, be very afraid…that person is selling snake oil. "Clear" and "protective" are mutually exclusive…you cannot have both and have an effective product.

Infrared radiation and fading damage

Infra-red (IR) is another range of radiation from the sun that is more commonly known to most people as "heat". IR contributes as much as 25% of the total damage from sun fading. Part of the IR actually exists in the visible part of the spectrum, so it is necessary to use a protective film that is at least lightly tinted in order to provide adequate protection from damage. It is this IR reduction that provides our clients with the additional benefit of reduced utility bills that, in some cases, repay the investment in the film within a few short years.

Protect your furniture, draperies, artwork, carpet and wood floors from damaging UV rays.  Call All American Window Tinting in Denver, Colorado at 303.936.1362 to get a custom quote done for your home.  


  1. UV rays mostly damage our floors and furniture but it can be saved by using some Carpet Protection Film and same can go for long time usage.

    1. Hi Anisha! I checked out this carpet protection film you mentioned, this product seems like it would be great protection for your floors where painting of interior walls might be needed. But I don't believe many would like to use this product for protection from UV damage. The good thing about window film is you can get all the UV protection you need to prevent fading without changing the look of your home.