Friday, August 30, 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

Finding the right product for your home, office or automobile can be confusing and overwhelming. Tint shops can carry different brands of window film as well as different shades of tint within each brand. The intention of carrying different brands of film and different products is to ensure that multiple options are available for the customer to choose from. This article will explore the different types of film that we, at All American Window Tinting, use for automobiles, homes, and offices.

All of the films that we carry are for automobile window tinting comes with a lifetime warranty and they reject 99% to 99.9% of UV rays. The warranty covers any blistering, peeling, bubbling, or turning purple of film. If we offer a lifetime warranty on all our automotive films and they reject the same percentage of harmful UV rays, why do we carry different brands? Well, let's get a little bit more specific. Each film we carry can differ from each other based on one factor to multiple factors. It is usual to find that the darker the tint shade, the more heat is rejected. This is true for many films but with advancements in technology, manufacturers are discovering new ways to reject the same amount or more heat than a dark film while maintaining a lighter shade. However, since these films are high performing, the price for does increase.

When talking about films for residences and commercial properties, the products we carry vary due to many reasons. Not only concerned about variety, there are certain types of film that can not be applied to certain windows due to safety or effectivity. Since our professionals are aware of such concerns and know that not every job will want the same use for window film, we provide film to need almost every need. All of our residential films are lifetime warrantied and our commercial films vary on warranties by 10-15 years. Another great option for window film would be decorative film. We offer an array of classic and elegant patterns with a variety of textures and designs. Decorative window film adds privacy, enhances design, increases safety, cuts glare and is scratch resistant.

At All American Window Tinting (A.A.W.T.) we are very transparent about everything we do and will work with potential customers to ensure that they receive the best products for them. We carry products that we believe in and would put on our own cars, homes or office windows, AND we have! Contact us today to find the RIGHT film for your car, residence or commercial business!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Great Partnerships

Our company has partnered with 3M for over 15 years because they are a company of integrity. Seventeen years ago, a customer entered All American Window Tinting and chose a 3M film for her car. She decided to go with a 3M Panther 35 film, that offered a lifetime warranty. When customers are looking for the right film for them, they tend to ask questions, and these questions are important (if you need to know what to ask, click here for last week’s article). When searching for the right film, one expects to find a film that will not turn purple, bubble, blister or peel. The customer came back to our location 17 years later and said she still had her lifetime warranty and wanted the film removed and redone. We were put into a predicament because we no longer carried the Panther film and 3M no longer sold the film, as well. We called our local 3M distribution company for help to resolve the problem. 3M stood behind their product and honored the warranty by offering another film they manufactured. We were able to call the customer and inform her that the film she had on her vehicle was no longer in production but 3M would honor the warranty and offer her a 3M Color Stable 35 film.When we find a product that we think will be great for a customer, we put our full faith in the manufacturer’s promise of lifetime warranties. We take pride in every product that we offer at All American Window Tinting, and are amazed at the great partnerships we have created with our manufacturers.    Call us today at 303-936-1362 for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment. Ask us about our warranties!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Hassle of Searching for your Window Tinting Company

    The lengthy research of finding the right tint for your car, home or office can be frustrating and exhausting, is all that research really worth your time?  In the office, we receive many calls inquiring about our prices, products, duration of tint, warranties, and the legality of tint in our state as well as within other states.  Is it necessary to ask all these questions, over and over just to hear similar answers spewed back? Our answer is YES!

Why is it important to shop around and do your research? 
The items you possess, such as your car or the valuables in your home or office should be of high importance to you.  You should want the best product out there that will protect your skin, offer privacy and/or reduce the effects of fading on your furniture. 
We can guarantee that every film created is not the same even though they might be the same percentage, manufacturers create them to be unique to their company.  There are questions that need to be asked when shopping around that will give you a better idea of the best product for you. Here are just a few:

1. What is the legal limit of tint in my state or a state that I may move to in the near future?  An important question to ask because you do not want to get fined for illegal tint and you do not want to have to remove the tint if you move to another state with harsher tint laws. 

2. What is the warranty for the films?
Some films are relatively inexpensive and that could be due to their warranty.  If they do not offer a warranty or it's less than a few years, the product may not be a long term film.

3.  Are your brands of film trusted and in the industry for a long time?
It is always best to choose a film that is known within the window tinting business.  If you are not familiar with a brand and are skeptical about it, ask for information.  Companies should be able to provide you reviews, downsides and upsides of each product. 

These are only a few questions to get you started on your window tinting journey.  The more questions you ask, the better of an idea we have on what would suit your needs. 
Around here, we always say "You get what you pay for."  This isn't a jab at other window tinting companies and we are not trying to price gouge you, rather we believe that if the price is too good to be true, it probably isn't true in some area. 

At All American Window Tinting (A.A.W.T.) we are very transparent about everything we do and will work with potential customers to ensure that they receive the best products for them.  We carry products that we believe in and would put on our own cars, homes or office windows, AND we have!   Contact us today for any questions or a free quote!