Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Factory Glass Tint Probably Doesn't Protect You or Your Interior From UV Rays...

A common misconception with the purchase of a new car is that the "tinted" windows will provide you and your cars interior from damaging UV rays.  This isn't always the case.  Most car manufacturers install what is known as " privacy glass "... this will not provide you with UV protection or even heat rejection.  This glass is typically dyed glass and provides only privacy.  Solar glass is a step up from clear automotive glass and has visible light transmission (VLT) varying from as low as the federal limit of 70% VLT up to 88% VLT (which is clear auto glass). Most automotive solar glass range 74-84% these days with UV rejection not much over 40% unless it is factory privacy glass, which has UV rejection as high as the 60 percentile range.

At All American Window Tinting we carry

3M™ Automotive Window Films-Premium Color Stable window tints
Automotive Window Films-Crystalline Spectrally Select window films

Huper Optik Dual layer Ceramic Series
Huper Optik Select Series- Spectrally Select Films

Llumar Automotive Window Films-ATC Series:Premium Dyed Films

  • Nano-ceramic technology combines excellent heat rejection with amazing clarity
  • Helps maintain car's original appearance: window tint allows 30% to 50% of the light into your car
  • Improves comfort: rejects up to 80% of the sun's IR rays and rejects up to 59% of the heat coming through your windows
  • No signal interference: Ceramic Series films are non-metallized
  • Interior protection: blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays to reduce fading of your car's interior
  • UV/Skin protection: provides SPF of up to 1000, a Skin Cancer Foundation recommended product
  • Never turns purple: guaranteed for the life of the film
We can match factory tint, increase your UV rating and reject solar heat.  Protect yourself and your cars us at All American Window Tinting in Denver, Colorado to schedule an appointment 303.936.1362 or 303.934.TINT


  1. I agree that factory glass probably doesn't offer great UV protection benefits. I've been doing window tinting in Dallas for over 5 years now, and unfortunately our customers don't seem to care too much about the UV benefits of window tinting. Our customers are more concerned with the sleek look and privacy that the window tint provides. Do you guys find the same thing?

    1. Adam, we do our best to educate each and every customer that walks through our doors. The reason much attention may not be given on the protection that window film can provide is because people aren't educated on the importance of it. Once customers are informed of the harm UV rays can cause, they may even seek to get the same great protection for their home or office. That is why we post blogs on these important topics so people receive proper information pertaining to the world of window film and what it has to offer!